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Singapore - MRT

Crime and insecurity
The criminological, economical, and sociological situation of Singapore is similar to the situation in Hong Kong. Of course, there are some clear differences. In general, however, it can be stated that both Asian city states are characterised by extremely high population densities (4,535 persons per square kilometre in Singapore compared to more than 5,500 persons per square kilometre in Hong Kong - 1994), prosperous economic growth (10.1% for Singapore compared to 5.9% for Hong Kong - 1994), low level of unemployment (2.6% in Singapore and 2.0% in Hong Kong - 1994), and very low overall crime rates (166 recorded offenses per 10,000 residents in Singapore - 1994 compared to 147 in Hong Kong - 1991).

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Source: López, M.J.J., Crime Prevention Guidelines for the Construction & Management of Metro Systems, Den Haag: RCM-advies 1996, pg. 35-39.

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